In Celebration of MHS Class of 1958

In Celebration of MHS Class of 1958

A Tribute and Celebration

We were the class of 1958, members of the Greatest Generation as well as children of the Greatest Generation. Born in 1940, we are also called members of the Traditional Generation.

Our childhood, post World War II, "was the best of times . . . it was the age of wisdom . . . it was the epoch of belief . . .it was the season of Light . . . it was the spring of hope . . . we had everything before us . . .we were all going direct to Heaven . . . ." (A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens.) At least, that's the way I felt about it. We were truly blessed.

- Ouida Tomlinson -

This blog is a place for 1958 graduates of Meridian, Mississippi, High School to stay in touch, post their news, items of interest and photographs.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

FaceBook Breakup

If you are on FaceBook, you can appreciate this video and I hope it will make you laugh. Also, you will realize that some of the lines that seem risque are not that at all and not intended that way by this group, Throw'd TV. If you are not on FaceBook, I don't think this video will make a bit of sense. Also, if you are not on FaceBook, you are missing some adventures as well as missing a great way to stay in touch with your children, grandchildren, family and friends - as well as classmates. However, FaceBook can get you into trouble, as the video indicates.

(To signup for FaceBook, go to Quick and easy. Let me know if you do, and I'll put you in touch with other classmates.)


John Chancellor said...

The dangers of Facebook ...everyone gets to see your friends and your comments ... better save the LOLs for those that count.

Too funny. Except if it happens to your for real.

Little Scribe said...

My husband has been asking me "what have you got going on," referring to so much time spent at my computer the last few days. I did not tell him I'm playing games with family and friends on FaceBook.