In Celebration of MHS Class of 1958

In Celebration of MHS Class of 1958

A Tribute and Celebration

We were the class of 1958, members of the Greatest Generation as well as children of the Greatest Generation. Born in 1940, we are also called members of the Traditional Generation.

Our childhood, post World War II, "was the best of times . . . it was the age of wisdom . . . it was the epoch of belief . . .it was the season of Light . . . it was the spring of hope . . . we had everything before us . . .we were all going direct to Heaven . . . ." (A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens.) At least, that's the way I felt about it. We were truly blessed.

- Ouida Tomlinson -

This blog is a place for 1958 graduates of Meridian, Mississippi, High School to stay in touch, post their news, items of interest and photographs.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Look Who I Found on FaceBook!! Jinny & Newt

Jinny Curran Walz

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

Through our laws, Mississippi must say ‘No!’ to such horrors

By Sandy Williams

It is the headline that has haunted my thoughts for the last several days. “More than 30 dead dogs and 6 cats found at the bottom of a ravine in Prentiss County, Mississippi.” Some had been beaten, some had been shot, some had been tortured and hanged. As I watched a news clip in horror, I saw several little puppies lying at the bottom of that ravine with their heads crushed in. How could anyone commit such a cruel and sick act of violence?

My mind keeps seeing someone or several people standing at the top of that ravine, looking down and laughing. They feel a sense of excitement, a sense of power over those helpless animals. They had done the unspeakable and they were getting away with it. What they didn’t feel was remorse. People who commit such horrible acts of violence have no conscience, and if they do it once, they will do it again.

My mind keeps thinking of the local people from that area watching the evening news and there on the screen, to their horror, is their precious pet lying at the bottom of that ravine. Days before their family dog had suddenly disappeared from the safety of their own yard. Or their home had been invaded by thieves and not only did they steal their sense of security, they took their most valuable possession, their beloved little puppy.

My mind keeps thinking of those individuals who are so disturbed and sick that they commit these unforgivable acts of violence against animals and they are not adequately punished for their crimes. How can it be that the state in which I live does not consider such acts of violence against a helpless living creature a felony?

It is a fact that individuals with a history of abuse and violence toward animals will eventually turn their rage on a human being. Every serial killer in history has had a past of abusing innocent animals before they turned to torturing and mutilating humans.

Now, I want to take your mind back to Prentiss County. As you look down into that ravine, to your horror you see a small, innocent child lying lifeless on the rocks below.

Then I want you to sit down, right now, and write or e-mail your state senator and your representative or call them personally and tell them this must be the year that Mississippi makes animal cruelty against dogs and cats a first-offense felony in our state. We are sick and tired of all of the excuses of who this law might offend. As citizens and voters in Mississippi, all we are concerned about is who this law will protect.

Sandy Williams, of Tunica, is executive director of the Tunica Humane Society. For contact information on your legislators go to

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Photo Taken by Dr. William Betts

William Betts, from Old Hickory, Tenn., took this photo and wrote this description: "Beside one another, staring at one another for more than 100 years since their birth, a saguaro cactus boldly embraces a mate at Sabino Canyon." Arizona Daily Starr

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Look Who I Found on FaceBook!! Pansy McCarra Mosby

Pansy McCarra Mosby

Look Who I Found on FaceBook!! Ouida, Tashee & Abby

At my niece's wedding in Oxford. She had the wedding in her mother's home. It had been planned for outside, but, of course, it was raining. The home was built by our grandparents in the 1930's. My sister, Shelia, added about 2,000 sf to it. She has furnished it with family furniture, reupholstered and/or refinished, and collected over a long period of time. The home is her dream come true. It is wonderful - full of childhood memories.